Vaughn Shirey

Role: Graduate Student
Status: Current
Current Affiliation: Georgetown University
Current Email:
Start year: 2018
Biodiversity informatics, boreal forest and tundra ecology, metacommunity dynamics, global change impacts on communities.



Larsen, E., Shirey, V. In Press. Method matters: pitfalls in analyzing phenology from occurrence records. Ecology Letters

Shirey, V. , Belitz, M., Barve, V., Guralnick, R. 2020. "Closing gaps but increasing bias in North American butterfly inventory completeness" In Review.


Cardoso, P., Shirey, V. , Seppälä, S., et al. 2019. Globally distributed occurrences utilized in 200 spider species conservation profiles (Arachnida, Araneae). Biodiversity Data Journal (7): e33264

Shirey, V. , Seppälä, S., Veiga Branco, V., Cardoso, P. 2019. "Current GBIF occurrence data demonstrates both promise and limitations for potential red listing of spiders." Biodiversity Data Journal.


Shirey, V. 2018. Visualizing natural history collection data provides insight into collection development and bias. Biodiversity Data Journal, (6).

Seltmann, K., Lafia, S., Paul, D., ... Shirey, V., et al. 2018. Georeferencing for Research Use (GRU): An integrated geospatial training paradigm for biocollections researchers and data providers. Research Ideas and Outcomes 4: e32449.