Naresh Neupane

Role: Research Assistant Professor
Status: Current
Current Affiliation: Georgetown University
Current Email:
Start year: 2015
My interests lie in exploring the impacts of global warming upon the physical and biological components of the earth system. Currently, I am working on understanding the population size and distribution of butterfly in the future under various global warming scenarios. My past researches were mainly focused on understanding the response of the West African monsoon system to the global warming.



Saunders, S.P., L. Ries, N. Neupane, M. I. Ramirez, E.Garcia-Serrano, E. Rendon-Salinas, E.F. Zipkin. 2019. Multi-scale seasonal factors drive the size of winter monarch colonies. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 201805114


Ries, L., N. Neupane, K. A. Baum, E. F. Zipkin. (2018). Flying through hurricane central: impacts of hurricanes on migrants with a focus on monarch butterflies. Animal Migration 5(1): 94-103..