March 21, 2019: Vaughn Shirey receives Nat'l Geo Explorer's Award

Vaughn just received an award that will cover expenses to do butterfly research in the Boreal forests of the Yukon this summer. He will be working with Greg Breed, a collaborator from University of Alaska - Fairbanks. Vaughn will be accompanied...

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February 15, 2019: Fall migration paper accepted for publication in PNAS!

A collaborative research paper (led by Sarah Saunders and Elise Zipkin of Michigan State University) showing that monarch overwinter colony size is still primarily driven by summer population size, but that only nectar availability during fall...

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December 12, 2018: Ries gives talks at MSU and Kellog Biological Station

Leslie gave a talk at MSU on monarchs hosted by her good friend and former lab-mate Elise Zipkin. She met there with many collaborators, including students and post-docs from the Zipkin lab and also Scott Swinton who she is working on a...

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August 08, 2018: Ries lab receives new funding to re-use NSF-funded data on butterfly thermal ecology

Mariana Abarca will be leading this project to compile data and develop models of thermal responses by tapping into 40 years of NSF research on Pierid butterflies. She will work with the Kingsolver lab at UNC who to compile data from their long...

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August 05, 2018: Our first silver-spotted skipper paper accepted for publication!

Mariana is first author on a collaborative paper presenting the results of our first season of rearing of silver-spotted skippers where we used the data to develop a predictive model of phenology. In a collaboration with Martha Weiss and John...

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May 30, 2018: Two rounds of surveys completed for Hurricane Harvey impact study

Jeff Pippen and Ries Lab members Naresh Neupane and Andra Doherty completed over 120 surveys at sites in southeast Texas this spring to help study the impact Hurricane Harvey had on insect resources and butterfly populations.

March 15, 2018: Ries lab studying Hurricane Harvey impact on TX Monarch resources

Dr. Ries recently visited the wintering grounds of Monarchs in Oyamel forests of Mexico, witnessing the millions of Monarchs preparing for the spring migration.

The Ries lab is actively engaged in Monarch research and conservation, working...

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March 06, 2018: Meeting on phenological mismatch

Members of the Ries lab were at University of Florida March 2-4, busy laying the groundwork for our collaborative research in phenological mismatch across trophic levels.
After a productive meeting,...

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January 04, 2018: Ries lab recommended for funding on Hurricane Harvey project

A recent "RAPID" call for proposals was sent out after the devastating hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria swept through the US. Along with our collaborators, Elise Zipkin and Sarah Saunders at Michigan State University, we will be examining the...

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October 27, 2017: Ries lab launches new website for phenology project

This website will be a way to track progress and output from a new collaborative grant focused on phenological mismatch across trophic levels and scales. (

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