March 27, 2021: So much good news Pt 2: Naresh a co-author on Nature paper!

Naresh has been collaborating with folks in the environmental history department, especially Dagomar Degroot and Tim Newfield. They just released an...

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March 27, 2021: So much good news Pt 1: Mariana accepts tenure track job at Smith!

We will be so sad to see her go - but we all could not be more excited for Mariana as she and Pablo embark on a new chapter. Lucky Smith College! We look forward to future collaborations as Mariana establishes her own lab in the heart of...

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December 04, 2020: Vaughn passes their comps with ultra-violet colors!

Vaughn's proposed research focuses on the sub-polar boreal and tundra ecosystems with cross-scale research goals to reconstruct community patterns across decades in western North America (see study region box) and also use targeted field studies...

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Each year, GBIF chooses two young researchers for this award. Only two nominees are allowed from each country. We are SOOOO proud that Vaughn was chosen as one of this year's young researchers. They received 5000 Euro. See here for more...

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May 19, 2020: Amazing photo-journalism article about the Occoquan group!

A great article about the Occoquan monitoring group just appeared in the Washington Post and they gave a shout-out to the Ries lab for our help in data management and sharing! See the article here:


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May 18, 2020: Ries lab welcomes several new members!

We've been out of commission due to covid craziness - but we are coming back online and have several new lab members and associates. Welcome Grace Jeschke, Clifford Kim,...

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December 23, 2019: Erin gives great RISE presentation on Baltimore Checkerspot project

Erin did our lab proud with the first RISE talk coming out of the Ries lab. Her project is looking at what is causing Baltimore Checkerspots to lose weight during heatwaves. Are they losing water weight or fat - and what might be the...

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October 14, 2019: Mariana's recent paper is editor's choice at PLoS ONE Climate Forum

Way to go Mariana!! This paper shows that conflicting cues between day length, temperature and food quality can cause confusion for silver-spotted skippers about whether to enter diapause - one of the most important "decisions" that impact an...

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September 20, 2019: The Ries Lab goes to the Climate Strike!

We cut our classes (luckily they were canceled!) and I pulled my daughter out of school to join the Climate Strike in DC! It was a beautiful and inspiring day. The crowd really showed the passion they feel for dealing with our climate crisis....

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September 04, 2019: Mariana's diapause published today in PLoS ONE!

Great news for Mariana - her paper on skipper diapause was published in PLoS ONE. Way to go Mariana!